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Whether you are seeking to impact public policy or gain a better understanding of issues impacting faith, family, and freedom, equip yourself with research and information compiled through the lens of a biblical worldview.


An Iranian Christian convert residing in Germany is in danger of deportation after the European Court of Human Rights dismissed his asylum-seeking case. In 2018, Hassan - whose name has been changed to protect his identity and is filed as "H.H" in public records - fled religious persecution in his home country.

The estimated 30 agents who searched the president's 58-bedroom Palm Beach mansion on Monday carted off 21 boxes of material, as well as multiple binders of photographs, a "leatherbound box of documents," a "potential presidential record," and a "handwritten note." Federal officers took four sets of documents they say were marked "top secret/sensitive compartmented information," three sets of papers marked "secret," and three marked "confidential."

Evangelical leaders say Christians should not respond to legitimate concerns that the Biden administration is weaponizing law enforcement agencies against its critics with sinful fear or threats of violence, which will only strengthen federal efforts to repress believers' civil liberties. Instead, one of the nation's foremost Christian leaders has revealed the exact words he prays when he thinks about the future of American freedom.

While a sweltering August heat wave sweeps through the states, summer temperatures aren't the only numbers on the rise. Inflation keeps breaking records, hitting 9.1% in July; gas prices in June were higher than ever before; and in the current economy, the Misery Index (economic measurement of inflation and unemployment) is skyrocketing. While the White House has remained ambiguous on the definition of a recession, many economic experts confirm that the state of America's economic symptoms fit the conventionally accepted definition.

You may have forgotten the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even had COVID guidelines. Already whittled down from severely draconian origins to something that more reflected Florida's early policies, the CDC's official guidelines have finally been updated to better reflect public opinion. That's not quite how they put it, of course. "CDC is streamlining its COVID-19 guidance to help people better understand their risk, how to protect themselves and others," began their Thursday press release.

With Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) promising a vote on legislation that will codify same-sex marriage, it is worth reviewing the serious threats to religious freedom that have already arisen as this idea (and its underlying ideology) has been legitimized in recent years. Looming among these is the threat to the tax-exempt status of religious organizations that believe marriage is between one man and one woman.


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