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As the Biden administration accelerates their strategy of promoting abortion as their go-to issue ahead of the November elections, a new poll is confirming the results of numerous previous polls showing that a supermajority of American voters oppose abortion after the third month of pregnancy - a view that is not in line with the Democratic Party's public position of unrestricted abortion.

New polling is suggesting that former President Donald Trump is leading incumbent Joe Biden by a thin margin, but it may not be enough to secure a Trump victory in November. According to the latest Emerson College nationwide survey released on Thursday, 46% of voters back Trump, against 43% who back Biden, with 12% undecided. When undecided voters are asked which way they lean towards voting, Trump's overall support increases to 51% and Biden's to 48%.

Apart from the bickering in Congress, the world's eyes have largely turned away from war-ravaged Ukraine, where a remnant of desperate pastors and priests plead for help. For two years, the country's churches have been ravaged, charred beyond recognition, or toppled by the steady volley of missiles. Evangelical Christians, Catholics, and others fear for their lives, worshipping deep underground to escape the long and brutal arm of the Russian state.

Despite seeing fewer patients and reducing bona fide health care services, Planned Parenthood received a record-breaking amount of taxpayer funding last year, according to Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson in the organization's most recent annual report, which she describes as a "love note" to abortionists.

Organizing a political conference headlined by international A-listers is a far-from-simple task, but a police siege undoubtedly complicates matters. The National Conservatism Conference, a project of the Edmund Burke Foundation, kicked off on Tuesday in Brussels, Belgium. About two hours into the conference, police arrived to shut it down.

Several U.S. states and cities have embraced the president's policy of a wide-open southern border, which has allowed millions of illegal immigrants to flood in. Not only are they treated better than U.S. citizens in many cases, receiving taxpayer funded housing, food, education, and health care, they have also contributed to an increase of violent crimes including harassment, rape, theft, and murder - not to mention the escalation in threats from people on the terror watchlist. But these harsh realities didn't stop Denver Mayor Mike Johnston (D) from addressing them as "newcomers" in a recent announcement.


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