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If the Left were capable of regret, their dog whistle to the Justice Department over America's "terrorist" parents would be a good place to start. Days into this PR disaster, the Democrats' wild overreaction (to a nonexistent problem) is creating massive heartburn not only for Joe Biden and the National School Board Association he appears to be in cahoots with. His attorney general, Merrick Garland, is now locked in a duel over the issue with a slew of his state counterparts. It's 17 attorneys general to one. And those aren't great odds, no matter who's in the chair at DOJ.

Administration officials are finally performing an autopsy on America's involvement in Afghanistan. Or at least, some departments are investigating some questions. On Monday, State Department Acting Inspector General Diana Shaw notified Congress of a new investigation into the Special Immigrant Visa Program, by which America admitted, in addition to a handful of legitimately qualified refugees, virtually anyone the Taliban wanted to load into a plane.

During a time in America when the price of basic household goods is rising and when employees across multiple sectors of the economy are facing a vaccine mandate or loss of their jobs, the Biden administration and progressives in Congress are now doubling down on making life even more difficult for the average American household. How? By making recklessly wasteful and counterproductive Green New Deal policies "the DNA" of the reconciliation spending bill that Democrats plan to push through by the end of October.

In the latest iteration of the Biden administration's anti-Texas temper tantrum, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to place a hold on Texas' Heartbeat Act (Senate Bill 8) until the legal challenges against the law have been decided.

In a throwback to the arms race of the Cold War era, U.S. intelligence was surprised to learn last week that China had conducted tests on a new nuclear-capable hypersonic missile that circles the globe before heading to its target. American officials might have underestimated the advancements of China's military. Given the rising challenge China poses to the United States, this is not something we can afford to miscalculate.

Democrats have a new strategy to enhance the security of Americans: fire those who provide it. On Thursday, the U.S. Navy became the latest branch of the military to announce it will discharge sailors who don't meet their definition of "fully vaccinated" by November 28. Following President Biden's vaccine mandate, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin directed all military personnel to be vaccinated against COVID on August 25. As the deadline looms nearer, the military is now forced to deal with the reality that many service members will not comply -- and they are increasingly turning from diktats to punishments.


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